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Healthy Sweets and Treats March 19, 2012

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The warm weather brings out every ones craving for sugar and sweet snacks. Since it’s warm enough now to take a nice little stroll down by the harbor or shopping strip, the bakeries and cookie shops are starting to call your name. Although they taste delicious, they may not be the best for you. But not to worry you can have delicious, hand- made desserts that are a 100% vegan.

Dirty Carrots is a new bakery offering dairy-free, egg-free, cholesterol-free, and cruelty-free baked goods. In the mornings, you could start your day off with a chocolate chip scone or banana chocolate chip muffin. No matter what the time you could indulge in a Luscious Lemon Bar or Classic Whoopie Pie. For an extra special treat, try their Mini Bundt Cakes or Pinwheel Pastries in apricot, spiced pear or berry.

Dirty Carrots are selling these treats every Sunday at  Baltimores’ Farmers Market & Bazaar. Their desserts are also available daily at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, Bohemian Coffee House and Milk and Honey.


One World Cafe

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Midterms are finally over, you can finally stop stressing over that 10 page paper, and you don’t have to pick up a book for an entire week. But just because your normal schedule is being interrupted by spring break doesn’t mean you should succumb to the temptation of eating fast food and junk food.

Since you are not confined to the Towson area, it’s time to venture out and see what other healthy options are available. One World Cafe, which is located near John Hopkins University, offers an extensive menu with vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My personal favorite are their quesadillas filled with black beans, tomatoes, and cheeses. They even offer a soy cheese quesadilla for people trying to stay away from dairy.

Another appetizing meal is their vegan Red Bean and Mixed Vegetable Jambalaya  made with red beans, meatless sausages, and Cajun mixed vegetables over brown rice. It comes with garlicky greens and jalapeno blue cornbread muffins.

The options are endless at One World Cafe.


Vegan Meetup Group March 12, 2012

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Eating healthy can be a challenge with all the junk food available everywhere you turn. It’s even harder when all your friends are chowing down on fast food and skittles. Attemping to stay on a strict vegan diet in the Towson area may be hard but it can be so much easier with help from other vegans.

There is a group called the Baltimore Vegan Meetup Group that is people-friendly and  open to anyone interested in talking about a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle including health, food preparation, animal protection, ecology, activism, spirituality, and more.

This is a great opportunity to meet up with people with the same goals and diet as yourself. You might learn new  recipes or even restaurants and shops that have vegan cuisine.

There is a meet up on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 p.m.  It’s a fee of $1 per person and you can find out the location by becoming a member of the Baltimore Vegan Meetup Group’s site.



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When you’re trying to learn how to eat healthy you may become exposed to a lot of terms, some may sound familiar others may not. Most people have heard of a vegetarian or vegan even if they can’t give the text book definition of what they are but the average person doesn’t know what a lacto vegetarian or an ovo vegetarian is. It’s helpful to know what all these words mean to be able to classify your own diet.

For starters, there are several different types of vegetarians like lacto-ovo vegetarians, lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, vegans, and raw vegetarians. The most common vegetarian is a lacto-ovo vegetarian which is a person that doesn’t consume animals but does consume eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, greens, legumes, grains, soy products, seitan, nuts, and honey. A lacto vegetarian eats everything a lacto-ovo vegetarian eats except eggs and an ovo vegetarian eats everything a lacto-ovo vegetarian eats except dairy.

Veganism is more than just a diet it’s a lifestyle. Vegans do not eat anything from animals and they try not to use animal products by using cruelty-free toiletries and not wearing fur or leather. A raw vegetarian is a person that doesn’t eat cooked foods.

These are not all the terms out there but this is a start in your quest for healthy eating.


Sweet Frozen Treat March 5, 2012

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Around this time of year the ice cream and smoothie places are beginning to restock their freezers as  they prepare to open again after the winter season. Soon the brutal summer time heat will be beaming down on us and we will be looking for something cold and sweet to cool us off. Our first instinct is to go buy some extra sweet Italian ice or ice cream jam packed with sugar and artificial flavors or sugar substitutes. There is an alternative that is not only a healthier choice but also cheap.

If it’s a popsicle you’re craving then you can make what my parents used to make for me when I was little.  All you need is your favorite healthy juice, a cup, and a spoon. Take the juice, pour it in the cup and put the spoon in it. Place the cup in the freezer until the juice is frozen. Last, use the spoon handle to pull your homemade popsicle out of the cup.  In a just few hours you can create your own healthy snack.


Healthy Frozen Food

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It’s late, you’re hungry and you don’t feel like slaving over a hot stove to cook a nice hot meal. What do you usually do? Most people open up their freezer and see what microwavable frozen dinner looks appealing to them.  Unfortunately a lot of frozen dinners are not good for you and are packed with high amounts of sodium. 

But all hope is not lost, there are many healthy frozen food choices available. One well-known brand that makes frozen meals is Amy’s.  They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. You can have a healthier version of all your favorite foods any time of the day. If you like the popular breakfast food Poptarts then try Amy’s Toaster Pops, which are vegan and low in sodium. Maybe Mexican food is more your style, if so try gluten-free cheese enchiladas made with organic corn and tomatoes. The possibilities are endless.

Amy’s frozen foods are available at most local grocery stores that have a health food section.


Good Fast Food February 26, 2012

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Throughout the years we have learned the truth about how unhealthy fast food restaurants really are. They use vegetables that are covered with pesticides and meats that are injected with hormones and antibiotics.  Now we know that having food that is fast, cheap, and convenient comes at a price but that is starting to change. Some fast food restaurants have taken the initiative to use quality and organic products.

Chipotle is one of those restaurants making a change in the fast food industry for the better.  For example, 40% of their beans are organically grown and they are working to increase that number. Also, they are working on only using meats that are not given antibiotics and are naturally raised.  Chipotle supports local family farms and uses local suppliers.

So not only are you on the right track to eating healthy by eating at places like Chipotle but you are also supporting your community.