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Good Fast Food February 26, 2012

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Throughout the years we have learned the truth about how unhealthy fast food restaurants really are. They use vegetables that are covered with pesticides and meats that are injected with hormones and antibiotics.  Now we know that having food that is fast, cheap, and convenient comes at a price but that is starting to change. Some fast food restaurants have taken the initiative to use quality and organic products.

Chipotle is one of those restaurants making a change in the fast food industry for the better.  For example, 40% of their beans are organically grown and they are working to increase that number. Also, they are working on only using meats that are not given antibiotics and are naturally raised.  Chipotle supports local family farms and uses local suppliers.

So not only are you on the right track to eating healthy by eating at places like Chipotle but you are also supporting your community.


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