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Sweet Frozen Treat March 5, 2012

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Around this time of year the ice cream and smoothie places are beginning to restock their freezers as  they prepare to open again after the winter season. Soon the brutal summer time heat will be beaming down on us and we will be looking for something cold and sweet to cool us off. Our first instinct is to go buy some extra sweet Italian ice or ice cream jam packed with sugar and artificial flavors or sugar substitutes. There is an alternative that is not only a healthier choice but also cheap.

If it’s a popsicle you’re craving then you can make what my parents used to make for me when I was little.  All you need is your favorite healthy juice, a cup, and a spoon. Take the juice, pour it in the cup and put the spoon in it. Place the cup in the freezer until the juice is frozen. Last, use the spoon handle to pull your homemade popsicle out of the cup.  In a just few hours you can create your own healthy snack.


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