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Healthy Sweets and Treats March 19, 2012

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The warm weather brings out every ones craving for sugar and sweet snacks. Since it’s warm enough now to take a nice little stroll down by the harbor or shopping strip, the bakeries and cookie shops are starting to call your name. Although they taste delicious, they may not be the best for you. But not to worry you can have delicious, hand- made desserts that are a 100% vegan.

Dirty Carrots is a new bakery offering dairy-free, egg-free, cholesterol-free, and cruelty-free baked goods. In the mornings, you could start your day off with a chocolate chip scone or banana chocolate chip muffin. No matter what the time you could indulge in a Luscious Lemon Bar or Classic Whoopie Pie. For an extra special treat, try their Mini Bundt Cakes or Pinwheel Pastries in apricot, spiced pear or berry.

Dirty Carrots are selling these treats every Sunday at  Baltimores’ Farmers Market & Bazaar. Their desserts are also available daily at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, Bohemian Coffee House and Milk and Honey.


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