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One World Cafe March 19, 2012

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Midterms are finally over, you can finally stop stressing over that 10 page paper, and you don’t have to pick up a book for an entire week. But just because your normal schedule is being interrupted by spring break doesn’t mean you should succumb to the temptation of eating fast food and junk food.

Since you are not confined to the Towson area, it’s time to venture out and see what other healthy options are available. One World Cafe, which is located near John Hopkins University, offers an extensive menu with vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My personal favorite are their quesadillas filled with black beans, tomatoes, and cheeses. They even offer a soy cheese quesadilla for people trying to stay away from dairy.

Another appetizing meal is their vegan Red Bean and Mixed Vegetable Jambalaya  made with red beans, meatless sausages, and Cajun mixed vegetables over brown rice. It comes with garlicky greens and jalapeno blue cornbread muffins.

The options are endless at One World Cafe.


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